The best way to maximize your event marketing dollars is by creating an event marketing strategic plan set with specific goals. We work with you and your team by providing all of the solutions available within your budget; everything from A to Z.

This plan includes:
○ Define objective and target audience
○ Positioning
○ Pricing recommendation
○ Project timeline
○ Communication calendar
○ Social media recommendation
○ Concept board


We can manage small to large, complex projects and serve as members of your extended team. Here are some of the initiatives we can assist you with:

○ Social media management
○ Email campaigns
○ Registration
○ Sponsorship management
○ Blog posts
○ Customer service
○ Event production


Every single touch point is important in marketing. Your marketing collateral is one of the pieces that should communicate your brand story. As well as have the proper call to action to gain a response from your audience. Here are some of the items we can manage for you.

○ Flyers
○ Social media post designs
○ Landing page set-up
○ Registration tags
○ Banners
○ Event website


There are various communication efforts we can organize to elevate your brand and help you gain maximum exposure. This can be achieved in various ways.

○ Press release and disseminate (digital/print)
○ At event representation
○ Speaking opportunities (before, during, and after an event)
○ Digital campaigns

At Project Z, every client is unique and every solution is different.

Contact us to learn more about our services or to request a quote.