Mark Your Calendars for the World Communication Forum in Geneva this March

Feb 02 2017

Mark Your Calendars for the World Communication Forum in Geneva this March

Q&A with Social Media Strategist and WCF Speaker Lina Duque

This March in Geneva, over 58 countries, 115+ companies, 22 educational institutions, 298 speakers, and 48 media partners will come together for the World Communication Forum (WCF). The WCF aims to shape the global communication agenda and foresee new opportunities for the role of communication on a global level. WCF Geneva Week 2017 will focus on four different areas of communication: Global & Corporate Communication, Branding & Design, Science & Innovation Communication, and Education & Communication.

One particular topic is sure to generate a lot of attention based on the recent U.S. presidential election. Two U.S. social media and business leaders, Sean Gardner and Elianne Ramos, will discuss “TRUMP VS CLINTON SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS: INSIDERS’ VIEW.”

The WCF has planned 65+ panel discussions on the hottest communication topics with speakers from all over the world. 

To get you one step closer to the action, we reached out to Lina Duque, who shared with us her experience as a speaker and attendee last year, as well as the topic she plans to discuss at WCF Geneva Week 2017.

Lina is a social media strategist and executive branding coach whose work has appeared in the likes of the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. She is an advisor to C-suite executives and academics on using social media strategically to develop thought leadershipLina is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer and has presented at top institutions including Harvard Law School as well as the WCF regional event in Istanbul last November.

1) Why did you decide to participate in the WCF?

Last November, I participated in the WCF regional event in Istanbul as presenter and moderator. I wanted the opportunity to share my point of view with an international audience and also learn about communications practices and challenges of other countries My talk was focused on how an employee’s personal brand can impact the company brand, both positively and negatively.

2) How did you find that experience?

Simply amazing, both professionally and personally. The conference presenters made excellent contributions on a wide spectrum of issues related to crisis and reputation management. Much of the learning though happened outside the conference room – in the events put on by our gracious sponsors, side conversations with delegates, and chats with my fellow speakers. On a personal level, I was taken back by the warmth and hospitality of our Turkish hosts.

3) What kind of connections did you make?

I made great contacts and friends, whom, thanks to Whatsapp, I keep in touch with on a regular basis. I met people from the US, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia. I also came across great opportunities as a result of my participation in the conference. For example, I was invited to join the editorial board of the Faculty of Communications at Istanbul University.

4) Why should individuals consider attending this event?

If you want to network with high-caliber executives and communicators from all over the world and be involved in shaping the communications agenda on a global level, attend this event. WCF Geneva Week 2017 will be held at the UN headquarters in Geneva – that in itself would be a tremendous experience.

5) What will you be speaking about?

I’ll be sharing social media strategies that global companies can use to engage customers, employees, and stakeholdersExpect lots of case studies, practical examples, and tips that communicators can implement immediately.

Stay tuned as we continue to share more details about this upcoming event.

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