Jozu For Women captures the attention of 500+ women in tech at Collision Conference in New Orleans

May 25 2017

Jozu For Women captures the attention of 500+ women in tech at Collision Conference in New Orleans

Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO, Franz Weathers, Co-Founder, and Jenny Bassett, Team Member

One of the most vibrant, fun, and exciting women-led startups, Jozu ForWomen, caught the eye of many individuals, particularly women, at Collision Conference in New Orleans. Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in the world. The conference plays host to 20,000 attendees and 4500 companies.

Jozu For Women was one of the Alpha featured companies this year brightening up the showroom with their bodacious team of four which included: Stephenie Rodriguez, Jozu for Women Founder and CEO, Franz Weathers, Jozu for Women Co-Founder, Jenny Bassett, Team Member, and our very own, Project Z CEO, Danelia Argueta.  Together they handed out bright pink sunnies and had engaging conversations about JENI, Jozu’s unique algorithm which customizes travel recommendations and offers a Facebook-like dashboard for each user.

Stephenie Rodriguez has spent her entire career in online marketing, technology and travel. She developed this technology to address the needs of women around the globe and the lack of high-quality destination information gender specific to women not currently available on the more popular and traditional travel sites. “We put safety first when developing our site because women who travel for both business and pleasure can be major targets for crimes such as human trafficking and are simply more vulnerable than men. It’s important to empower female travel organizers with the tools they need to travel better and safer, so they can plan, collaborate, book and experience travel in a whole new way.” said Rodriguez.

The campaign for Collision was simple, yet powerful. Using beacon technology, Jozu invited attendees to play along by registering to their #JozuGetLucky link for a chance to win one of 100 giveaway prizes. The prizes consisted of everything from gift cards, Jozu swag, to a grand prize trip for two to Negril, Jamaica.  What made it fun for participants was receiving a surprising notification on their phones when they got close enough to a Jozu team member.  This was possible because of the beacon technology.  First introduced in 2013 by Apple as iBeacon technology to consumers, the technology enables Apple devices to alert apps or websites (which the user has opted into) when someone approaches or leaves a location. Since 2013, this has become a very popular technology and commonly used by brands at events because it’s set to drive brand engagement and encourage new customers.  Many played and won, but it was the story about Jozu for Women and their technology, JENI, that really impressed the crowd. 

Cynthia Chang, #JozuGetLucky winners.

Since women now manage more than $15 trillion in buying power (a large percentage of which goes to booking hotels, flights and rental cars), Jozu for Women is a desirable platform for creating a better and safer way for women to travel.  They also offer to their members the opportunity to join their secure online travel community to further engage. This online platform facilitates a discreet environment where users can communicate freely with confidence and provide a ‘safe space’ for women to share their travel stories, reviews, and tips – as they share advice on the do’s and don’ts of traveling domestically or abroad.

The takeaway for other brands regarding this campaign is despite how astounding you set your event marketing campaign, often your product(s) and service(s) should resonate with your consumers and provide some kind of solution. The easier it is to explain your product, the faster it will be for consumers to purchase it. It also must do what it claims it will do. After all your brand is not what you say it is but what others say it is. Attendees want to see a demo, if possible, test your product at these events.  This is key to any successful event marketing campaign. 

Event marketing helps to increase awareness and can ultimately get your message in front of the right buyer, but at the end of the day, the product must speak for itself. Followed by great leadership, a driven team, and a brand that sets itself apart.

“Last, but not least, make sure your brand is always represented by a team who is inspired and aligned with what they love to do.” said, Danelia Argueta.  

Check out the boomerang of Danelia Argueta arriving at New Orleans which was posted on Jozu for Women’s Instagram page. 

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