3 Reasons You Should Attend Seminars

Jun 21 2017

3 Reasons You Should Attend Seminars

If you have never gone to an industry seminar, you’re missing out.  Yes, it’s true, seminars are expensive. Some of them cost over $5,000. Even the lower-priced parties are around $2,000. To top it all off, you have to get on a plane and fly somewhere, and you have to take time from your work and family to do it.  

The truth, as you know it, is that anything that is worth a return comes with a price. A price that should be seen more as an investment rather than an expense.  Therefore, let’s take a step back and talk about the benefits and value gained from attending these seminars.  

Here are at least 3 reasons why attending seminars should be on your priority list (even if you DON’T plan to do a major product launch).

1. You Are Surrounded By Like-minded People.

There’s definitely a huge POWER in being around folks who are driven to the same goal as you are. This kind of synergy can trigger ideas and can become an open ground for opportunities.  Face it, there’s no way you’ll know what’s happening out in the market if you’re not talking, learning, and staying in touch with what other individuals/brands are doing.  You’ll be amazed at how inspiring that can be.

2. You Remove Yourself From The Daily Routine and Spark Creativity.

Routines are good. In fact, they’re CRITICAL to your success. Humans need routine.  But, it’s JUST as important to get OUT of your routine, and going to a seminar does that for you. It forces you to leave your boring daily routine behind. This will give your brain (and motivation) the jump-start it needs.

When you’re opening up your mind to new, relevant, and valuable information your mind begins to wander into new places.  The term, “we’ve always done it that way” will never be used again after a seminar.  If you’re not changing, fixing, updating, and growing your product and services, you will become obsolete. To spark that creativity you have to get out there.  Meeting new people and sharing what you do will get that fire going.  You will be surprised how much more you and your business will grow. 

3. You Have a Chance to Show your Brand’s Personality.

If you took your brand on a night out of town, what would your brand wear? The reason for this question is to get you to think about how you or your employees represent your brand at events.  Does your brand wear suits (no jackets or with jackets), it is casual, or is it a modern classic? For example, law firms tend to wear suits with ties, while technology companies tend to go towards jeans and polo shirts.  Why is this so?

Appearances are tied to perception.  Law firms represent the law, so the perception is they need to be more conservative and formal.  While, programmers, developers, and people in technology spend long hours behind a computer, so a more comfortable attire makes more sense. You’ve got to face it, people will judge you based on your first impression.  Your brand is tied to you and your staff’s image. Understanding how you want your brand to be perceived is important for building deeper connections with individuals. 

Of course, what you say is equally important to what you’re wearing. Even though a conversation on the phone can also help you connect with your leads, your brand will come to life in a face-to-face setting.  Therefore, what you’re wearing and how you speak, will let them create a perception of you and of your brand.  This can often be a deciding factor in whether they will do business with you or not.  Attending these seminars provides additional opportunities to leave an impression behind.

Last Thoughts

We recommend for you to consider at least attending one seminar a year. There are a lot of benefits to going. Benefits that aren’t always clear until you’re there, in the hallways, in the bars, at lunch… talking with people who are doing EXACTLY what you are doing.

It’s empowering, it’s inspiring, and chances are, once you attend a seminar, you’ll be excited to go to another.

Here’s one great conference coming up in August.  Join over 3500 women in tech in Long Beach, CA.  Click on image for more details.

If you need some assistance in creating a strategy for attending or sponsoring a seminar, contact us and we will show you the way.

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